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At Lemons Agency we know the demands of the industry and we have all the experience and technology to help you attract more customers to subscribe to your products and services. 

Our Services

From zero to hero! We have the experience to create products from scratch and launch them successfully to the online market, we always use the latest content trends and the best forms of traffic to deliver your offer to the target audience

Branding & Packaging

We design brands to touch the lives of people around the world.
We identify our clients’ potential and make it tangible and profitable through design and communication.

Web Development

We build strategic, engaging experiences that reinforce credibility, communicate key messages and turn prospects into profits.

Media Buying & Paid Traffic Managment

We can help you to scale your brand beyond what you’re doing on your own, and we help you achieve faster business growth

Sales Funnel Building

We have a systematized process for all projects we start from scratch. We strongly believe (and prooved) that the sales funnel process is the best marketing tool for exponential and sustainable growth

Also known as TOF (Top of the Funnel)  we target your ideal customers and serve them your most relevant and compelling content.

Also known as Retargeting or MOF (Middle of the funnel) we base on behavioral data, we retarget audiences with highly contextual, sequence-based content , nurturing them to the sale.

Congratulations! You made a Sale! All the while continuing to delight them and encouraging them to be your strongest brand advocates and coming back to purchase again!

This is where most agencies (and brands) drop the ball  Our goal is to up-sell, cross-sell, show them related content and get them coming back for more

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